Ninh Chu Beach

August 31, 2017
Location: Ninh Chu Beach is located 5km east of Phan Rang - Thap Cham City, in Khanh Hai Townlet, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province.
Characteristics: It is famous for its 10km of white sands happed like a crescent moon, turquoise water, and green pine trees and is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Viet Nam.

◊ Natural Beauty
The atmosphere is refreshing, water is crystal clear, and waves crash onto the sea shore all the year round.

Near the beach are also Nai pond full of fish, shrimp, prawn, lobster, craw-fish... and Ca Du Mountain, Da Chong Mountain with different sized rocks pilling up, which create a harmonious nature.

◊ Entertainment
Like other beaches, the popular types of entertainment here are swimming, sailing, diving, fishing, sun-bathing, and so on. From Ninh Chu, visitors can go to Tri Thuy hamlet, where exists a harmonious landscape of sea-view and mountain-view. Walking on a few steps, you will reach a small wild beach, which is beautiful with green poplar forest and rocks of weird shapes on sand.

◊ Accommodation
Visitors can choose the comfortable Ninh Chu hotels and bungalows which are hidden in immense poplar forest, near limitless rice fields smelling sweet. Besides, visitors can experience a beach camping trip.

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